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"You cannot improve yourself without improving your relations with other people."-- Moshe Feldenkrais, 1980

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Online Mini Awareness Through Movement Lesson "Sitting Comfortably" 

1) Sit in a comfortable chair with your hands on your thighs and your feet under your knees.   Close your eyes and notice your "sit bones" under your bottom, pressing on the chair.  Feel if there is more weight on one side or the other.  Don't change it, just notice. Feel your spine from your tailbone to the base of your neck and sense the length of it. Take a few moments to notice how your breath moves you.  

2)  Sit at the front of the chair, not leaning on the back. Look up toward the ceiling to feel how easy is it and how far can you see.  How much of your spine can you feel moving?  We will come back to this move.  

3)  Very slowly, roll forward on your sit bones so your back arches a bit and then return to the starting position.  Do it twice more, noticing what your head does when you make this movement. Rest a moment or two.  

4)  Repeat the above, this time looking up toward the ceiling with your head and eyes as you roll forward on your sit bones and back to neutral. Do it twice more, very slowly and easily without a big effort.  Don't do more than is absolutely easy and comfortable.  If you have pain, do it in your imagination only, feeling as if you were moving.  

5)  Rest. Resting is almost as important as the movement.  lean against the back of the chair if you like.  

6)  Come to the front of the chair again and this time, fix your eyes on a spot directly in front of you.  Keep looking at this same spot with your eyes as you move your head as though you were looking up.  Then come back to the middle.  Repeat twice, making sure you are breathing gently and relaxed in your shoulders and belly.  

7)  Rest.  Each time you rest, you may lean back in your chair.  

8)  Come to the front of your chair.  This time roll back on your sit bones, so your low back protrudes like an angry cat.  What does your head do?  Where do your eyes go? Return to neutral and repeat twice, very slowly.  Is this easier than arching your back?   Rest.  

9)  Fix your eyes again on a spot in front of you and keep your eyes forward on this exact spot as you roll back on your sit bones, rounding your back and letting your head bend forward. Come back to neutral and repeat twice.   rest.

10) Come to the front of your chair.  Position your feet and hands as mentioned above. Go back and forth, rolling back on your sit bones, looking down with your head and eyes and then coming forward on your sit bones and arching your back and looking up with head and eyes.  When do you get "taller"?  Repeat this twice.   Rest.

11) Continue with the same movement, allowing it to get smaller in range until you find a place that is neither forward, nor back where you can sit and breathe easily.  Find that place and stop the movement to sit there.  Next time you are sitting at your desk or table, find this place again (you can make a few of the above movements if necessary) so that you can sit more comfortably.   

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"The object of this learning is to remove outside authority from your inner life."  --Moshe Feldenkrais
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