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"You cannot improve yourself without improving your relations with other people."-- Moshe Feldenkrais, 1980


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"I recommend the Feldenkrais Method to patients whose movement has been restricted by injury, cerebral palsy, stroke, fibromyalgia or  chronic pain…I also believe that the Feldenkrais Method can help all of us feel more comfortable in our bodies."

- Andrew Weil, MD,
Bestselling author of Spontaneous Healing

"The subtlety of the Feldenkrais work makes it difficult for me to express how valuable and important this experience has been for me. I know that I stand taller, feel more graceful and assured and have useful tools for pain control.  More significantly I have a greater awareness, not only of my physical being but of how I move in the world."  --Elizabeth Upham

"Over the years, I've explored almost every type of body work or therapy that I heard about  and Feldenkrais has always stayed with me, and I see it as the foundation of other practices.   It has brought me into a deeper level of yoga postures, worked hand-and-hand with the subtleties of qi gong, and transferred into my everyday life as protection against over-efforting.  What began with an exploration of Feldenkrais to treat a particular symptom turned into an appreciation of a holistic system that has become a foundation for other practices and for my life in the face of everyday stressors.  Thank you, Feldenkrais and the wonderful teachers I have encountered."   --Wanda Poindexter

"I feel Feldenkrais is helping me.Ii really was not aware of how bad off I was until it started improving. It's slightly scary. I have tried many things before, and very little has helped at all, and nothing really approached actually handling anything. Feldenkrais is completely different. There are all these 'problems' I've had, that knowing I had the problem and having someone tell me 'yes, indeed, you do have that problem, and this is what i want to do about it', has not really opened the door to a handling. This is the most refreshing thing about Feldenkrais -there are handlings! Things change, day-to-day. --Katherine TerBush, March 2012

Have a story to share?  Let us know how you found the Feldenkrais Method and how it has contributed to your well-being.  Email tammy@thedanceloft.com with your story.


"The object of this learning is to remove outside authority from your inner life."  --Moshe Feldenkrais
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